Our Products

Our EL84 Amplifier is our first fully commercial product, each one made by hand. We want to focus on getting the best out of each product before attempting to build more products for the sake of building.  The only other product on our table is a matching phono stage and we are exicited!

Meet the EL84 Amplifier

Every detail of this amplifier has been extensively researched to find the absolute best possible part available. Everything from the PTFE tube sockets with gold pins for perfect connections to the highest grade transformers I could sourse.  It’s these types of details that make this amplifier extraordinary.  We did not invest is expensive machined cases rather we chose the highest quality parts.  We found that keeping it cool with the perforated sides to dissipate heat easily was much more important.  All the wire is PTFE (Teflon) coated, Silver tined copper.
This EL84 based amplifier takes the EL84 tube to a whole new level of sound. Using Transformers capable of 15Hz to 50,000Hz gives this amazing amplifier extraordinary bandwidth taking it beyond the hearing of most people.
Because of the unusual size, this unit  can be placed on a mixing board or book case because of its thin front to back profile. It's also perfect for a small city appartment, vacation home or office.

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